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After going through hundreds of download websites, talking to their owners, and reviewing their member's areas, we can safely recommend the following 3 Wii Games, Movie, Music Download Websites, as they have proven to be fast, safe and cheap sources for Wii downloads.  The advantage for using these websites is you will only have pay a ONE time membership fee as opposed to an individual fee for each download.

We've done thorough research with these sites and downloaded hundreds of Wii resources through their sites. Best of all, each of the sites offer a no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee for up to 60 days. That way, you can try them out for 2 months and if you're not happy with the results they will refund your money. So you really have nothing to lose.


#1 Top Site

#2 Second Site

#3 Third Site

My Wii Download


Quality: excellent
Support: excellent

Unlimited Wii Download

Quality: good
Support: excellent

Wii Media Download


Quality: good
Support: moderate

Review: Review: Review:

My Wii Download our #1 Wii Downloads Resource. After carefully reviewing all the Top Wii Downloads services, My Wii Downloads is the best site to download Games and Media for your Nintendo Wii console.

My Wii Downloads Members enjoy Unlimited Access to the widest range of Wii games available for download including role-playing, sports & racing, brain games, first person shooters and more.  In addition to the most games, My Wii Downloads is also the leader in Wii media downloads. Members can download millions of Full-Length HD and DVD Quality Movies, TV Shows, Music Albums, Music Videos, and much more for Wii.

Featuring the largest selection of Games and Movies for Wii would mean nothing if the download speeds were too slow to enjoy them.  Fortunately, My Wii Downloads is lightning fast.  In our tests, we were able to download large files like movies and games in a few hours or less.

One of the greatest advantages of My Wii Downloads' is its easy, clearly presented, 3-Step tutorials for all your Nintendo Wii downloading needs including how to play movies on Wii and how to burn downloaded Games to DVD.  Moreover, if you ever get stuck, Members receive Free 24 hour technical support at no extra charge.

Are you ready to sign up yet? Great! My Wii Downloads offers 3 membership options.  The only difference between them is how long your membership is good for.  The cheapest membership is the Trial Membership, however, we recommend the Platinum Membership because it "Never Expires."

Overall, My Wii Downloads is the Best value for the money.  Members enjoy access to Unlimited Wii Downloads, No bandwidth limits, and No content limits ever so they are sure to find the Games and Movies, TV Shows, and other Media they want to play on their Wii console! With My Wii Downloads anything you want, any time you want for Nintendo Wii is right at your finger tips.

Plus, as an added Bonus, with your Membership you get FREE Media Tools including Wii Video Converter and Wii Media Center Software, DVD Burning Software, MP3 Software, CD Burning Software and other programs that will help you play any downloaded movie on your Wii, computer, Home theater or Television, Free 24 hour Technical technical support, a 60 Day Satisfaction guarantee, and much more.

The downloading experience we had so far was incredible and without any problems. We highly recommend this Wii Downloads Service.



-Access to over millions of games, music, movie and much more

-Free 24 hour Technical Support

-No "Pay Per Download" Fees.  One time membership payment

-Fastest Servers & Databases

-Simple to Setup and Easy to use


Unlimited Wii Download is rated 2 in our Wii Downloads Review rating with an excellent Composite Score of 93 out of 100. This site is second because its tutorials, although thorough and complete, are not quite as easy to follow or as intuitively displayed as those found on My Wii Downloads. Nevertheless, Unlimited Wii Download is a fantastic site for downloadable Nintendo Wii games and media like movies, TV shows, and music.

As the name of this Wii Downloads service suggests, members are granted Unlimited Downloads for Wii including new Wii Games, Movies, Music, Music Videos, TV Shows, and more.  Unlimited Wii Downloads also has one of the largest databases of Nintendo Wii system downloads we found.

Unlimited Wii Download is equally as fast as My Wii Downloads and provides the Wii Video Converter and other software necessary to move content to your Wii and play your media on your big screen.

Similar to My Wii Downloads, Unlimited Wii Download offers 2 membership options that are based on membership duration.

This Wii Downloads Service gives you everything you need to get started downloading Wii games and movies immediately, but all function are slightly inferior than those found at the #1 Wii Downloads site, My Wii Downloads.


-Huge Selection of Wii Games, movie Downloads

-Free 24 hour Technical Support

-No per download fees ever.  One time membership payment

-More than 1 million files available



Wii Media Download is another great Wii downloads service we were able to review. This Wii downloads site provides a large selection of both Wii games and movies (and other media) which we were able to download after installing the software they provided us with.

Every Wii title we searched for was there at the click of a button. Both games and movies downloaded at fast speeds.

We were provided with software to burn our game downloads to a DVD for playback on our Wii.

As an extra Bonus, they also provide you with software to convert your personal DVD movies to Wii compatible format and software to burn the music you download to a CD for playback in your car or CD player.

Customers also receive in depth tutorials that show you how to get started in minutes! Feed My Wii is a close third behind Unlimited Wii Downloads and provides everything you need for downloading & playing games and media on Wii.

To start downloading your favorite Wii games, music, movies & more visit Wii Media Download




-Download unlimited Wii games, movies and videos

-No per download fees.  One time membership payment

-Free 24 hour Technical Support

-Free Step by Step tutorials

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